Student Council

The Student Council in our school provides opportunities for the students at St Maries of the Isle Primary School to develop leadership skills and to have a voice in the running of the school.  

It is comprised of 16 democratically elected students from 3rd – 6th class who act as representatives for the entire student body of the school.  

Our Student Council meets monthly to identify areas of improvement and share ideas for school development from the viewpoint of our students.  

They also act as the faces of the student body at school events like our Welcome Day for incoming Junior Infants, and when visitors come to our school.

In the 2022/2023 school year, our Student Council has decided to work towards developing the usefulness and sustainability of our school garden.  

As part of the Creative Cluster, they have worked alongside Mr. Farrell and visited a number of school gardens of other primary schools in our community as well as welcoming the respective schools Student Councils to our school and showing them around our garden.  

Working collaboratively with those other schools, they have been able to gather ideas of what works well and what they would like to see changed in our garden going forward and over the coming months they will have an input in some refurbishment and development to our school garden to make it more appealing and accessible to our student body.