Michael Scully is the Home School Community Liaison Coordinator in St Maries of the Isle.

His role is to promote partnership with and cooperation between the home, school and community.

Parents are encouraged to participate more fully in their children’s education and to become more involved in the life of the school.

Part of the role includes:

  • Home visits
  • Courses and activities for parents
  • Hosting Coffee Mornings and Events for Parents in school.
  • Support Transitions from Pre-school to Primary school to Secondary School
  • Advising and supporting parents on education related issues
  • Promoting a stimulating home learning environment
  • Meeting with community-based interests relevant to the education and welfare of pupils in the school
  • Encouraging co-operation between home, school and community interests
  • Liaising with local community-based groups


Home Visits:

The HSCL will usually visit all Junior and Senior Infants homes in term 1 of the school year. They will also visit the homes of new families to the school in their first month in the school. It is normal for the HSCL to request a home visit with any family within the school. This is usually to update and discuss things related to school with parents in the comfort of their own homes.


Courses and Activities for Parents:

The HSCL will usually survey parents in the first term of the school year to see what courses and activities they would like to see run for them. These sometimes take place in the school and sometimes in local community centres. If you have any ideas for suitable courses or activities, please contact our HSCL.


Coffee Mornings and School Events:

The HSCL regularly organises events and coffee mornings alongside the teachers in the school. These can be used to share information about various initiatives taking place in school, to celebrate themed weeks like Christmas, to help build relationships between teachers and parents and to encourage parents to participate in their child’s learning in the school.



The HSCL will help new Junior Infants parents as they navigate their child’s first experiences of Primary school. They will also support 4th-6th class parents in choosing, applying for and securing Secondary school places.

Community-Based Links and Links with Agencies

The HSCL is happy to help parents who are finding it difficult to link in with groups or agencies within the community. If you need help filling in applications or finding supports or facilities that are available to you and your child(ren) to support their education, please contact our HSCL and they will be happy to support you. The HSCL is also happy to attend meeting with parents with other agencies if they feel they may need support.


Please contact Michael on 087-3800040 or mscully@stmariesps.ie if you have any questions or if you think he can help you in any way to support your child(ren).