How can I enrol my child?

Contact with the school should be made through the secretary. Application forms can be downloaded from this website or can be collected from the office.

The parents/guardians of each prospective pupil should supply a copy of a birth certificate for each child when bringing in a completed application form which can be downloaded here.

At what time is the secretary available to take bookings from prospective parents?

Our secretary is Mrs. Catherine Cordero and she is available Monday to Friday from 8.40am to 3.20pm. Please note that gates are locked while children are in yard at break times. If you arrive to the school and the gates are locked, please phone the school and someone will come to meet you.

The secretary can be called at 021-4963994 and you can also email the school at info@stmariesps.ie

At what time may children be brought to school?

Children may enter the school at 8.30am. Classrooms are supervised from 8.30am each morning and lessons begin at 8.40am sharp.

Is after-school care available?

We have two after-school providers, Sherpa and St Anne’s Day Nursery. There is a cost involved in both services.

  • St Anne’s

St. Anne's Day Nursery operate after-school care in the building next to the school. The children are collected from our classrooms and brought to after-school.

We would advise all parents of current or future pupils to contact the office at St Anne’s at 021-4323304 to find out about how to apply for a place.

  • Sherpa

Sherpa also operate after-school care service in the school building. The children are collected from our classrooms and brought to after-school.

Please contact smins@sherpakids.ie for further information and to apply for a place.

  • Homework Club

There is a homework club in our school for one hour after school on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for children from 1st class to 6th class. Applications for places in homework club can be made at the school office. There is a cost involved and we will give you all the necessary information when you call us. Please contact eregan@stmariesps.ie

Breaks: How often do children get a break from academic work?

There are two breaks; one small and one big break. The breaks are taken at different times by the junior classes and senior classes.

Bullying: How does the school manage bullying incidents?

Bullying in any form is not acceptable. See School Rules, Code of Discipline and Anti Bullying Policy in our School Policies section or by clicking here.

Cars: Are cars allowed on the school grounds?

No cars are permitted at any time in the school yard. Our school gates are closed during school times. Parents have been notified in writing that parking on school grounds is not permitted. When entering the school please use the pedestrian entrance.